Announcement by the NBPR because of the circumstances due to the earthquake and resulting tsunami in Japan

The time limit and fee set on international applications to be pursued in Finland according to section 31 of the Patents Act are regulated by Section 71 b of the Patents Act. This section states that if the postal service was interrupted on account of natural disaster in the locality in which the sender was staying or carrying on business at any time during the ten days preceding the time limit, the document and fee has to be mailed to the Patent Authority within five days after the postal service has been resumed.

Furthermore, section 71 b states that the applicant has to advise the Patent Authority in writing of the non-observance of a time limit. The period for giving such an account and performing the required act is two months of the time at which the applicant realized or should have realized that the time limit had been exceeded, but a maximum one year after the expiration of the time limit.

Finally, the National Board of Patents and Registrations wishes to emphasize that it is looking leniently and flexibly on patent applications affected by the earthquake and tsunami.